Project Overview

A Flutter app that can detect plant diseases by analyzing photos of plants or leaves. It utilizes the OPENAI GPT-4 vision model for accurate disease detection.

Working of the Project:

I have developed a Flutter app that utilizes the GPT-4-turbo model to diagnose plant diseases. This is achieved by passing a prompt, along with an image, to the language model, which serves as the core intelligence of the app. This innovative approach allows for efficient disease detection without the need for training large-scale models. The prompt used for this purpose is detailed below

GPT, your task is to identify plant health issues with precision. 
Analyze any image of a plant or leaf I provide, and detect all abnormal conditions, 
whether they are diseases, pests, deficiencies, or decay. Respond strictly with the 
name of the condition identified, and nothing elseโ€”no explanations, no additional text.
If a condition is unrecognizable, reply with \'I don\'t know\'. 
If the image is not plant-related, say \'Please pick another image\'

Technologies Leveraged:

  1. GPT4 Vision by OPENAI.
  2. Flutter.

Additional Resources


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